Chapter 9: Silviculture, Forest Rehabilitation and Reforestation

The objective of the silviculture management is to enhance the health and stocking of commercial species within the logged-over areas to optimum level. 

The FMU has provides the following provision and management prescriptions to maintain and enhance the productive capacity and ecological integrity of the forest.

  • Enrichment planting of fast growing indigenous species such as Kelampayan and other suitable local species to improve the timber stocking.
  • Mosaic planting method would be conducted in those degraded areas.
  • Climbers cutting would be done in harvested area and slashing the undergrowth in the planted area.
  • Seedlings will be raised, either from wildings collected in the field or from seeds germinated in the nursery.
  • Mother trees for seedling and wilding supply will be identified and marked.
  • Implementing reforestation programme in poorly stocked areas, which has little regeneration potential based on pre-F inventory data through log tracking, skid trails or otherwise strip lines.