Chapter 11: Community Development

The management of Pila – Mujong FMU is committed to bring development to their workers and the living conditions of local communities. 

There are a total of 127 longhouse/settlements found within and adjacent to our licensed boundary.  Amongst them, 83 were found within our Pila – Mujong FMU (i.e. within 3 km radius in straight line/water way and those identified – affected communities (IAC)) and 44 were found outside Pila – Mujong FMU that have no related to our FMU.  We shall anticipate some Native Customary Rights (NCR) claims over the FMU area.  

Therefore, fee, prior and informed consent (FPIC) for the FMU holder and local community is made valid in the FMU.  As such, Communities Representatives Committee (CRC) and Forest Management Certification Liaison Committee (FMCLC) to be formed to address the grievances of the local communities/settlements and workers on their condition of services, housing and etc. 

Procedures to address complaints and grievances raised by workers/stakeholders/public as stated in below.