Chapter 5: Pre-Harvesting Activities

The main objective of Pre-Felling Activities is to ensure harvesting is done in an orderly manner in accordance with the FMP and all regulations of forest authority are met.  The ground planning can commence after the General Harvesting Plan (GP) and Detailed Harvesting Plan (DP) has been approved includes the following components:

Demarcation of Licence, Coupe and Block Boundaries.  Upon granted with PEC, all coupe and block boundaries to be demarcated before applying for Pre-felling inspection.  The licence boundary shall be clearly marked with orange colour, coupe boundaries shall be clearly marked with red paint on standing trees, at reasonable intervals whereas block boundaries shall be painted with yellow paint on standing trees at reasonable intervals with clear viewing distance.

Operational Inventory.  100% tree enumeration shall be conducted for all logging blocks to be harvested.

Tree Marking.  Tree marking shall follow the RIL guideline.  All trees to be felled shall be marked with white tag.  Only trees with sound merchantable bole, with a minimum DBHOB 50.0 cm and above for Dipterocarps and 45.0 cm for Non-Dipterocarps whereas undersize trees which falls in 5 m from center of each skid-trail that is below DBHOB 45.0 cm with one white colour tag only shall be marked.  The PCT will be marked with orange tag whereas PT, SFT and MT will be tagged with blue colour.