Chapter 8: Forest Research

At the moment the research activities which have been carried out within the FMU are the establishment and enumeration of PSP. 

The establishment of PSP and its regular monitoring in terms of assessment is required by Criterion 8.2 of MC&I SFM. PSP are measured periodically to gather data to predict the volume of timber.

Objectives of Forest Research:

  • Provide information on residual stand
  • To provide information of the composition status of individuals and distribution of Dipterocarp and Non-Dipterocarp species

A total of 15 permanent sample plots (PSPs) of 100 m x 100 m of 1 hectare each were established initially to achieve the aforesaid objectives.  More PSPs had been set up for analysis.

A total of 76 PSPs need to be set up for analysis in scheduling.

The research and data collection needed to monitor the health and vitality of the forest due to key biotic and abiotic factors and the sustainability of the Pila – Mujong FMU, at a minimum, the following indicators:

  • Yield of all forest products harvested was undergone assessing.
  • Composition and observed changes in the flora and fauna was undergone assessing.
  • Environmental was monitored through EMR and had spent RM100,000.00 for social impacts of harvesting and other operations.
  • Costs and productivity of forest management – The budgeted cost projection for Year 2021 was RM14,513.200 whereas the actual expenses was RM12,186,977.

The species composition and distribution in the area seemed diversified.  The presence of species in eachplot seemed to vary quite a lot.  Therefore, more permanent sample plots need to be established and enumerated in the future.  It is also recommended that the reassessment of the plots be donein 3 years’ time or before the revision of the FMP so that some information on Mean Annual Increment (MAI), mortality rate and recruitments or ingrowth can be obtained and hence, a more accurate calculation of the AAC is anticipated.